Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits

Historic tax credits are available for a variety of projects and can make the difference between a project being feasible or not. We have helped homeowners and investors gain over $10 million in tax credits, and have developed a proven process for applying for and receiving these credits. Examples of historic credits that we have expertise with are:

Baltimore City CHAP credits:


Federal Historic Preservation Tax Credits:


We have helped our clients gain these credits with our knowledge and expertise in:

  • How to prepare and present the multiple parts of the application.
  • Which construction materials and methods will be acceptable to receive tax credits.
  • How to design the project in a way that will restore and enhance the historic material in the property.
  • Take specific before and after photos to ensure acceptance.
  • Prepare and submit final documents, including financial documents to identify amount of the credit.

Navigating this process without a proven strategy can be extremely costly in terms of both time and money. We can help you obtain the tax credits available and make the process as easy as possible.